Anarkali Dresses 2011 is one of the latest trends following in streets of Sub-Continent. Frocks are the most recent trend in these days. Anarkali frockdresses back in fashion now days after a long time. Long pishwas, Churidars Pajama and Anarkali frocks are having popularity and require now days. Frockslooks beautiful and eye catch and appealing. We are having a wave of going back to history and adopt the style entity in them.
  For those who want to know about the history of this gorgeous Anarkali frocksuit and want to know how this “Anarkali” name developed, first I will brief you little about the structure and format of Anarkali frock suit.Anarkali (“pomegranate blossom”) was a famous slave girl from Lahore (Pakistan) during the Mughal period. She was a dancer at palace of Great Mughal emperor Akbar. She was theoretically ordered to be buried alive by Mughal emperor Akbar for having an illegal relationship with Prince Nuruddin Salim later to become Emperor Jahangir. Due to the lack of confirmation and sources, the story of Anarkali is widely accepted to be either false or heavily embellished. Nevertheless, her story is respected by many and has been adapted into literature, art and cinema.


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