The trend of getting tattoo design have been popular among every one.From celebrities to young teen every one is fond of tattoo designs.Among celebrities tattoo trend is always very popular they get trendy and stylish tattoos always.In hollywood celebrities tattoo the one most popular celebrity in getting new and latest tattoos every time is Katy Perry.Katy perry is actually not fond of tattoo designs to that much.

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She is only have four tattoo on her body as body art tattoo designs.Katy perry tattoo designs are small,cute and feminine tattoos.Her tattoos designs all are unique and different when we compare it with all other celebrity tattoos.So here i have collected all katy perry tattoo designs for you in one place.Katy perry have tattoo design on her different parts of body which i will tell you here she have a jesus  tattoo designs on her wrist. It looks cool when she plays guitar.she have an tattoo on her ankle too.She has a strawberry tattoo on her ankle.She has sanskrit arm tattoo designs.She has josh groban tattoo on her chest.Other katy perry foot ankle tattoo she has smiling peppermint tattoo designs.Here i have bring some of hot and cute katy perry tattoo designs.Get ideas here from celebrities tattoo designs.


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