Mehndi not only use to apply as to decorate hands arms and feet but also in western countries the trend of applying heena or mehndi on body as body art heena tattoos.In western countries the tattoo designs are getting popular every women as well as men like to have an tattoo design on their body.

Thats why the western countries also taking keen intrest in having a temporary or artifical tattoos as well.So for their artifical and temporaray tattoos they are using Heena or mehndi to apply mehndi on their body as body art tattoos.You can ahev an mehndi or artifical heena tattoos on shoulder,arm and back as well.Mostly women go with artifical heena tattoos to decorate their body.
No matter the age of women is it is popular sinee older times In women.These heena tattoos also have many patterns like celtic and tribal patterns.These types of heena tattoos are commonly placed and desgined at arms,ankle,shoulders and back.Here are some of the most popular henna art tattoo designs.Henna mehndi tattoos.Artifical henna Tattoo designs.


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