In women fashion and costume jewelry styles we have many types in which one we have Earrings.We have many types of earrings but sometimes women get bored with all common types of these earrings.In women earrings styles we have one popular type is Women gold jewelry and women gold earring.

Gold jewelry and gold earrings are designed in many patterns it can be used for wearing at any occasion and by the women of every age.The quality of gold is verified by the gold carat quality number like 12,14,18,16 and 24.Gold jewelry comes in every jewelry style like earrings,necklace and rings.These gold jewelry items gold plated,silver plated and any other material can be used as coating.Solid gold is a best option for a daily using gold earrings,In asia like pakistan and india,brides used to wear gold as their bridal wedding jewelry .Here i have collected bridal Gold jewelery for wedding and gold erarings for women.


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