Kat Von D is a very talented artist and reality star tattoo is also a little tatted up itself. LA Ink TLC it currently appears in the sixth season and it features Kat relationship with Motley Crew bassist Nikki Sixx, which ended in January. Was married to the former khat to a fellow tattoo artist Oliver Peck, who recently blabbed to the press about it, but the boy walking pin-up is currently dating a bad Jesse James.

We’re gonna try to make a field guide to sort out some of the many tats Cat. This is the first part:Qat very first tattoo actually started because of a boy (do most of the tattoo).Was in puppy love relationship with a child 14 years old named James, was a friend and neighborhood tattoo punk old English-style “J” in the ankle. Went this child, Oliver Guthrie, crudely to ink three tattoos on Cat, which has since been removed.

In New York dolls pinup on her left arm, a rose, and soreness in the right calf, and burning music note on her left shoulder.Inspired her New York Dolls some Cat Tattoo most proudly displays now the image of her mother on her left shoulder (pictured above), “Hollywood” written in lipstick on the belly bottom of the body and, of course, her “eyes asterisk” tattoo, which is my favorite have.


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