In the world of bridal jewelry, no matter how many designs one has, gold is one thing that forever remains a favorite trend for brides across the world. Specially speaking for eastern brides they are never satisfied for anything less than gold for their bridal jewelry. It is undoubtedly true that gold or ‘kundan’ offers a very large variety in bridal gold jewelry as it can be mounded according to personal desire.

Take for example this set of gold jewelry comprising off all the essential tidbits a set including a headpiece (bridal tikka) a beautiful pair of dangling gold earrings and a dazzling neckpiece. The style and pattern of the gold set are so unique that finding an equivalent can be a lonesome task. However, the designer has highlighted the exquisite beauty of the bridal set with a rare design; the pieces are collaboration of block design that conveys the impression of blocks joined together .
The elegant shape looks rather elite and high-society and is suitable for models as well as pretty brides. Very decent, the gold earrings create an illusion of traditional gold jhumkas at first glance. However, close observation reveals that the complete is absolutely unique and totally breathtaking. The stunning gold set is definitely going to blow many minds as it would add unfathomable grace to any bridal outfit designed in whichever style. The most becoming bridal dress to go with this classic bridal gold set would be a pretty gold or red lehenga an ultimate beauty.


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