Anne Hathaway is a famous American actress. Hathaway is famous for her work in different Hollywood movies. She is hot, stylish, brilliant and for the most part well-known celebrity.Here I have some latest collection of Anne Hathaway body tattoos. She is really beautiful, but these tattoo looks attractive and enhances her beauty. Lets checkout with us the Anne Hathaway tattoos pictures!Here I have two tattoo designs of Anne Hathaway’s tattoo collections. First tattoo designs is on her inner wrist showing Alphabetic M. This looks really nice and elegant. This is the famous tattoo from the body of Anne Hathaway.[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]
The Second tattoo design is at the back of the Anna Hathaway body. This tattoo is Pink and black in colors which shows a flower over black designs. This tattoo design is noticed on her different shows and on red carpets.


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