With kids these days, the most they can get themselves do is creativity. Especially making sketching, Kids Mehndi Designs. Girls specially take interest in wear mehndi. They love to make new Kids Mehndi Designs. Kids feel happy when they see mehndi on their hands. They enjoy the colors of mehndi. It’s give them happiness.In Pakistan mehndi is known more commonly as Henna. This is a plant whose leaves leave an impression on the skin – particularly palms and feet – of women very much like a tattoo. However, while the tattoo is permanent, Henna effects lasts about three to four weeks at best.The color varies from dark red to deep brown depending upon how long the henna is kept on the skin. Sometimes, addition of oil and lemon make the color darker and last longer.[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"]
With houseful of kids what should one plan ahead to keep them busy and interested, It is left to the elders to find enough ways to get them concerned.
It is at such moment I remember my own childhood and wonder how well we kept ourselves so busy and engaged. Infect end of the day, I used to feel the day was not enough for us to do as we planned.


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