Going through tattoo books can help you decide on the tattoo design you want to get if you don’t already know. Getting a tattoo is a semi-permanent thing since you’ll be stuck with it for a very long time. Yes, you can have your tattoo removed, but many would rather not go through the hassle and pain.
Therefore, it’s important to choose something that you can live with for a great many years.I went to a local tattoo parlor last month just to browse through the pictures in some of the tattoo books they had as I decided to get a tattoo for my birthday. I’m a late bloomer compared to my friends when it comes to getting a tattoo. Most of them got tattoos when they were teenagers.
I actually almost got one myself when I was 15 but changed my mind because first, I was afraid of the pain from the tattooing itself and second, I was afraid to get in trouble with my dad should he find out I had gotten a tattoo. I’m over 21 now and I’m free to decide what I want to do with my body.Anyway, I flipped through the tattoo books looking for the perfect ankle tattoo design. I never wear shoes (I either go barefoot or wear flip flops at most), and I thought a tattoo on my ankle would be a perfect complement to my toe rings and ankle bracelet.


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