A few months ago we showed you some photos of a female bodybuilder Woman Terminator – Michelle Brent. However these girls differ from other female bodybuilders as they are pretty and beautiful. Many don’t find female bodybuilders attractive. It is probably because their bodies start to look more like men’s bodies from all that steroid-taking business. Can a pretty face replace an ill-shaped muscular body? After all what guy likes a girl that can take him down?“Whilst I personally don’t find that sort of body attractive (on either gender), I have not the slightest doubt that some do find it a desirable attribute. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I believe it’s more about women being able to achieve individual excellence than about appearance anyway.

The amount of dedication it takes for a woman to achieve that sort of musculature is astonishing. My father happens to work with one of the leading “clean” female bodybuilders in Australia (no drug enhancement). During her off season she looks like any other woman, it’s only when she’s in training that she’ll look like the women in the links.

The dietary regime is incredibly strict, as is the exercise regime, just like any other sport. I applaud the effort that it takes for a woman to reach that level of musculature.”


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