Girl tattoos on hip continue to be the rage because of the placement of the tattoo which is sensual. Read further to find out more about girls’ hip tattoos. When compared against other parts of the body, the line of the hip appears to be smaller. Therefore tattoos that are created onto the hips either go on to various torso parts or alternatively people choose tiny hip tattoos.
Due to the fact that the area of the hip is not very visible, one can choose any kind of tattoo design for inking on the joint of the hip. Most of the time people choose intimate details such as the names of their lovers or their initials for their hip tattoos. Among the different hip tattoo designs for women are flowers and mostly red roses, dolphins, butterflies, hearts, fairies and so on.
I prefer designing a personal tattoo to having it ready- made from the online galleries. It is usually advisable to have a tattoo that goes with your personality to make you more comfortable with the design of the tattoo. One can talk with a good tattoo artist and enlist their help in the designing of the tattoo. Girls’ hip tattoos are in vogue and this is a fashion trend that will not go away any time soon. Although there is a certain amount of pain involved in getting a hip tattoo design.


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