Amy Winehouse Tattoos DesignsTattoos are increasingly making their way into mainstream culture as an increasing number of renowned artists openly flaunt their tattoos. One of the most famous of the famous actor, of course, Angelina Jolie. While the currently best known for his work on behalf of the United Nations, her marriage to Brad Pitt and their families adopt children from multinational companies in recent years famous for body art.Amy Winehouse Tattoos DesignsOscar winning actor, has more than a dozen tattoos now, and never wavered in recent years to its present name of love immortalized in ink on your body. At the other end of the spectrum, and the honor to go now, the British soul singer Amy Winehouse, whose body is a virtual canvas for a tattoo needle.Amy Winehouse tattoos that appears on several websites as an anchor with the word Hello sailor in the belly, the bird on her right arm, the first name of her husband Blake in the photo left chest pocket, and various parts of his body, angels, wings, iron and lightning. Amy Winehouse Tattoos DesignsRecently, also received an American eagle flying through Egyptian Ankh tattoo on his back between his shoulders.Large amount of emphasis on sports body art has inspired other media artists. Artist Andrew Salomone recently demonstrated sweater Amy Winehouse tattoos, tattoos his blog full of embroidery in the right place. Salomone hope that sweater that allows you to keep warm and maintain their health, while letting show off your unique body art.


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