Cherry Blossom Tattoos On FootFlower tattoos are considered classic and timeless tat theme. They are able to send a wide range of meanings with their impressive colors and versatility as a design. They are easy to personalize with regards to the style and over all look of the tattoo. The two most common flowers used as a body art mainly because of their deep meaning and exquisite beauty are the cherry blossoms and lotus.Cherry Blossom Tattoos On FootCherry blossom tattoos are very popular not only with the women but with the men as well as it is a wonderful and exquisite design that is full of meaning and symbolism. They are commonly inked with sizable strokes of either brilliant pink or red. The cherry blossom flowers symbolize the fleeting moment of life-comparable to its bloom which lasts only for a short time.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos On FootThey are also considered symbols of beauty, love, freshness and delicacy. This tattoo design can often be seen inked beautifully as a flower with significant stems or as a full cherry blossom tree, in fact even calling it the tree of life. Finely detailed and eye-appealing, they are seen tattooed on the arm, back, shoulder, foot, and rib.Cherry Blossom Tattoos On FootLotus tattoos are also popular not only because of its aesthetic appeal but also the fact that its laden with meanings. The flower which starts out lurking in the mud and then suddenly rises and bursts into life perfectly. It reflects a light of optimism and hope after coming out of a muddy water which a lot can relate to. Those people who have seen hardships and trials in life and manage to have come out successfully.


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