Indian Sarrees Designs 2012Every unstitched cloth in history has been considered to be sacred. This particular attire finds its origin back to the Indus valley civilization with women wearing it draped like a trouser.Over a time period, Designer Saree has seen an exponential change not just as an attire to be worn to temples but also as an everyday wear.Indian Sarrees Designs 2012Through the tunnel of history every region has adapted its own style of wearing the Designer Saree and each has their own history.Now-a-days, sarees are preferred mostly as Party wear.Indian Sarrees Designs 2012A rightly draped, pleated and well matched blouse can always make the Lady and give her a high ego boost.Contents at a Glance.History of Designer Saree The word Saree comes from the Prakrit word “Sattika”, which later got shortened into “Sati” and much later “Sari“.


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