Pregnant Women Skin CareIt is very common for pregnant women to get affected by many kinds of skin problems.Some common skin-related problems afflicting pregnant women include rashes, acne, and stretch marks. Pregnancy hormones can bring lot of changes to the skin.These hormones are responsible for creating many kinds of negative effects on the skin. It is very important for pregnant women to take proper care of their skin on daily basis. Most of the skin problems faced by pregnant women can be prevented and cured by medicines and other effective remedies.Acne is considered as one of the most common skin problems for women at the time of pregnancy. There are many kinds of over-the-counter creams available to treat acne. But most of these medications can create side effects on pregnant women. As a pregnant mother you need to very conscious to avoid the products that contain salicylic acid.
It can cause many complications such as birth defects. Make sure that the face wash you are going to use contains less than 2% salicylic acid. Try to avoid retinoids as these can be harmful for the skin. Though both retinoid and salicylic acid do not have any common side effects, yet it is recommended to avoid them when you are pregnant. Side by side, you should avoid acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide. It is advised to choose one of the sulphur-based acne products to get positive result.

Pigment Problems
Pigment is another common problem for pregnant mother. Dark skin may notice around thighs and nipples or darker line may also be seen at the center of the belly. It is advised to be kept away from sunlight so that pigments cannot be developed.
The products that are enriched with vitamin C and azelaic acid can be helpful to lighten this kind of skin problem effectively without creating any side effect. It is a great idea to hide the dark areas of the skin by using good concealer. Other skin-lightening chemicals may create bad effect at the time of pregnancy. That is why these products should be avoided.

Rashes And Stretch Marks
Many kinds of hormones and skin stretching can cause itching and rashes on some body parts especially on belly of the pregnant women. It is recommended to talk to a good doctor if the skin irritation and rashes develop day by day during pregnancy. You can use moisturizers and calamine lotions on rashes as these can soothe itches and rashes. You can go for using prescribed steroid creams if the affected areas become more serious.
But it is best to avoid over-the-counter medications as most of them are not effective actually. Stretch marks are another common problem of many pregnant women. According to the dermatologists, glycolic acid creams are most effective on stretch marks as these products contain green tea. Always moisturize your skin using cocoa butter or a branded lotion. There are many kinds of stretch mark creams available in the market to choose from. You should talk to your doctor before using them.


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