Kat Von D Tattoos DesignsKat Von D is American and professional tattooer of famous artist. She knew how to impose a style with her business acumen. She was moreover able thanks to it to make of her name a trademark. Kat Von D tattooed several stars as Jared Leto or Eve. Her lounge tattoo wears the name of High Voltage in California. The body of the young woman is filled with tattoos.Kat Von D Tattoos DesignsWe see the presence of portraits especially on the arm. It is indeed about the speciality of the artist tattooer. Tattoos are identical on the top of the arm. It is a self-portrait. We also can recognize the portrait of the other girls among whom the one is very romantic and it is on the left hand. Kat Von D Tattoos DesignsOn the stomach, the young woman was tattooed an eagle on the left-hand side. The model is very big. A big portrait spreads out on the right thigh and other one of a woman but smaller is present on the other hip. All the tattoos are connected(bound) with complex motives among which some are of floral origin. On the face of the young woman, we see stars on the forehead.Kat Von D Tattoos Designs


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