Natalia Vodianova Stylish HairstylesNatalia Vodianova is a Russian model and philanthropist who now permanently resides in the United Kingdom.At the age of 15, Vodianova enrolled in a modelling academy and was told she would need to learn English to succeed, and mastered the language in three months.Natalia Vodianova Stylish HairstylesBy the age of 17, Vodianova had moved to Paris, and signed with Viva Models.As an actress, Vodianova appears in Roman Coppola’s 2001 film CQ.In September 2008, Vodianova stated that she was not interested in filmmaking because of her three children;however, she appears in director Alexander Kott’s 2009 film Probka.Natalia Vodianova Stylish Hairstyles
She also has credits in the 2010 remake of the film Clash of the Titans. Vodianova is part of Vogues’s history, in what marks the magazine’s first multi-cover in the publication’s 95-years, landing one of the three May Vogue UK covers in celebration of the most anticipated wedding of the year – the Royal wedding.


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