Girls star tattoos Design are careful to be very speaking and symbolic because they mainly signify a person’s ideas and areas in life. There is a lot to reflect when design on getting a star tattoo, like why you want it, what size it must be, how sole you want it to be and most highly where on your body you want it. Let me tell you about the five most common types of star tattoos and their symbolic senses.Extra type of star tattoo is the Star of David tattoo. It is also called a hexagon because it is 6-keen. It means the rule of God all over the life and also His defence from all tips.Shooting star tattoos are also extra kind of star tattoos. They are very popular in the tattoo world for they are useful. They signify a wish coming true, feat or good luck.Let’s start with the Pentagram star tattoo. This tattoo has a deep gist to it and it is a 5-pointed star. The five ideas represent the five basics which are fire, wood, earth, water and metal. It also means faith, health, mathematical rightness and celestial sky.
Next is the girls moon star tattoo. This tattoo represents the sky during the night and it is also a recipe of the moon and the star(s). Related to other star tattoos, moon star tattoos have little symbolic meaning to it but they are very beautiful.


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