In the mid 90′s lower back tattoos designs were becoming very hip and popular. The reason for this is because the back is one of the Cute parts of a female body. Lower tattoos are usually V shaped to emphasize the curvaceous shape of a woman’s body. A woman can choose to wear a cropped shirt to display her tattoo or hide it under a dress in conservative occasions.A woman that sports a tattoo is usually confident of showing her desire. Lower back tattoo designs will always emphasize a woman’s Beauty. The back is always a perfect spot for lower back tattoo designsbeing expressed to denote the secret and sensual aspects of a woman’s essence. In Hinduism, it is believed that the back is the residence of coiled energy or Kundalini, so these lower back tattoodesigns are perfect for this area for it to shine through.Some women who opt for tattoos do so for the art and it looks good with them while other women who want a touch of spirituality will opt for a design that expresses such.There are many popular lower backtattoo designs and here are some of the favorites: The Lotus flower is one of the most popular a woman can get.With its flowers, buds and pods, the design actually symbolizes splendor. If you mix the Lotus tattoowith a Sanskrit phrase or tribal design then the more will its Oriental beauty be emphasized and highlighted.


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